Services for Cancer Warriors

Lash Girls Studios Inc., the first of its kind in downtown Santa Monica, is more than just an eyelash studio.

We also fight for women with breast cancer; specifically those who have lost their eyelashes as a result of chemotherapy.  It may seem minor to many of us, but the loss of eyelashes for a woman is greater than most of us can imagine.  Innumerable cancer patients say the loss of their eyelashes had a greater impact on them than the loss of any of their other body hair.

Look at you wife, your girlfriend, your sister, your mother.  Imagine them with cancer.  Then imagine them with no eyelashes.  First to have cancer, then to be stripped of their femininity.  The mental challenges to women who lose their eyelashes are major.

Cancer and Hypnotherapy.  All over the world, hypnotherapy is used with cancer patients to help them relax and better cope with symptoms and treatment. Hypnotherapy can help women to feel more comfortable and in control of their situation.

That’s where we help, and you can too.

Please help us support these women by sponsoring one woman through Lash Girl Studio, Inc.

We, and the woman you will help, thank you in advance.  Please contact us should you want any additional information.