Christina is an amazing artist!!! Had my first full set done 4 months ago and I am addicted!!! No need to wear mascara, Christina makes you look beautiful with no makeup at all. She takes her time, and my lashes always look amazing and very natural. My lashes never look fake, clumpy or tangled. I am always a happy camper when I leave
Jennifer testimonial
Lash Sets

Classic Lash Sets

Lash Girl Club Members Receive 20% Off Services & 10% Off Products. join now Transformation $300 ~ 2 hours* Transformation def. a complete or major change in someone's or something's appearance, form, etc. Do you want a major change? Do you want to look glamorous? The Transformation set is designed for alluring individuals who want dramatic change. This package will transform more than lashes...it will turn heads. Arresting. Mysterious. Entrancing. This is our fullest set. Christina dedicates two full hours of precision lash placement for a glamorous and distinguished look. Evolve $250 ~ 1 1/2 Hours* Evolve def. to gradually become clearer or more detailed. Adventurous and sexy. The Evolve set is for women who want to feel sexy every day. This set will add definition and boldness to your lashes. Your eyes will pop with a "check me out" fullness. Provocative. Highlight your beauty to yourself and others. Beginning of Change $200 ~ 45 min* Beginning of Change Let us enhance your natural lashes. This set will make your lashes longer and fuller than before. A more conventional look, this set will accent your natural look with that extra something you've been looking for. Ideal for those who want to look taken care of and beautiful, yet prefer a more modest look. Ask about our new Mega Volume Lashes!