Christina is an amazing artist!!! Had my first full set done 4 months ago and I am addicted!!! No need to wear mascara, Christina makes you look beautiful with no makeup at all. She takes her time, and my lashes always look amazing and very natural. My lashes never look fake, clumpy or tangled. I am always a happy camper when I leave
Jennifer testimonial
About Christina
Licensed Esthetician, Certified Lash & Microbladding Trainer and Technician. CEO and Founder of Lash Girl Studios & Lash Girl Club, Inc. Locations: Oregon & California With over 15 years' experience in the beauty and entertainment industry, Founder and Lash Technician Christina Hart, has a passion; a passion for beauty and customizing your lashes and brows to naturally match your personality and inner beauty. Christina is trained in techniques received by celebrities around the world, including Xtreme Lashes®—global leader in eyelash extensions and award winning products. Entrepreneurship and creativity have been the driving force in almost everything I do. I love to create new concepts - nurturing an idea, watching it grow and unfold from vision to reality.  My diverse professional background includes martial arts and dance instructor, loss prevention district manager for a Fortune 500 company, CEO of a statewide resource and referal agency, and media creator and branding expert. My most valuable and endearing learning experience was raising four beautiful children as a single mother. A perfectionist, I pride myself on work of the highest quality.  I ensure the techniques are precise and refuse to cut corners or rush the process. The Development of Lash Girl Studio Brand Over a decade ago I  recall hearing an intriguing news broadcast about natural lash extensions, and was fascinated.  Natural beauty has always been important to me.  Even though I used makeup I never was fond of clumpy mascara and did not feel it was attractive. I tried them out, and I was hooked. I invested in the best Esthetics School &  Lash Training and Products I could get my hands on. I am a licensed health care professional in both Oregon and California. I have had the honor of interviewing hundreds of women throughout my career. Deep conversations, throughout hours of lash appointments brought to light a common thread:  women’s unhappiness with some aspect of their life, usually their relationship, their career, or their weight issues. Their self esteem was greatly effected by their outlook, choices and environment. Fear was the underlying cause:  preventing women from taking action to create change in their life.  Fear of being alone, fear of failing, or visions of financial struggles would sweep away their dreams.  Fear was a roadblock preventing them from taking the necessary steps to transform themselves and their life. Many women today are simply not living the life they truly want.  Many women today do not know what they want. I believe the power of transformation lies within our ability to make time and space to go deep within ourselves and truly discover our purpose in life.  I personally transformed my career and my life utilizing the tools of Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, and Visualization. My clients would often ask me what my secret is to staying and looking so young and vibrant. I gladly shared my resources. The opportunity for women became apparent - inner discovery could be accomplished by listening to Hypnotherapy & Self Development Programs during their lash appointments. The feed back and results were amazing. The concept of Lash Girl Studio was born. Your lash & brow services combines self help, spiritual development to facilitate your potential your inner and outer and well-being. More than Lashes... Your Lash Hour of Inner Power. Come join me and truly experience your full transformation. Lash Girl Studios sister company, Lash Girl Club is now in development. It is my goal to help empower woman globally to... Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. We look forward to launching in 2018. Founder~ Christina Hart